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Welcome to the Call for Presenter site for Summit 2011.

Sage Summit is your opportunity to shine.
One of the truly great benefits of Sage Summit is that it enables attendees to learn from each other. It's the perfect forum for discussing relevant topics and sharing successes. We invite you to guide that discussion by presenting your hard-won knowledge and domain expertise at this year's conference.

When submitting your entry, you will be asked for basic contact information, title of your presentation, session description, the Sage product(s) the session represents as well as other information. In addition, you will be required to align your presentation with one of the following tracks.

    Product Essentials and Intro
    Beyond the Basics
    What's New and Product Futures
    Systems Environment
    Organizational Excellence
    Product Showcase/Cross Sell
    Industry Trends and Best Practices

Before you begin please review the Instructions document located in the left hand navigation area for step-by-step instructions for this new site. Print this document for easy reference while submitting your first session. Also located in this left hand area are the Summit agenda, Learning Track descriptions and other information related to submissions and the conference.

Once you have reviewed the instructions document, click on Login in the left hand navigation area to begin.

Please Note: If you need to exit the process at any time before the submission is finished, complete the page and click SAVE to save your progress to this point. You may come back at a later time to complete the submission.

If you have any questions please email, or . If you have any technical questions about the submission site, please contact the Content Management Customer Service line at972-910-6899 or email

Note: If you are planning to submit the same session for customers and partners you will need to submit it twice, once for each conference part.

Submissions Timeline
Please note: Your submission is not complete until you receive the web acknowledgement.
Session Submissions site closes: January 24
Sessions reviewed and approved: February 7
Acceptance emails sent mid-February
Registration live with session data: March 8

In Progress
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